Stop Your Palms From Sweating Without Paying Thousands Of Dollars

I always had to wear socks in order to avoid my feet from sweating 24/7. It was really annoying and the same was with my hands they just wouldn’t stop sweating. I thought it was going to change as I got older, but it didn’t. If anything it even got worse. I tried so many different “miracle” cures that were supposed to magically cure my condition and bless me with everlasting happiness.

Yes I was searching for a miracle cure. But guess what, I actually found it! Well at first I just stumbled upon a treatment called iontophoresis and since the device used to preform the treatment costs around $1000, I started searching for a way I could somehow replicate the procedure.

One of the ingredients that you need to look for in an antiperspirant is aluminum chloride. It will help in controlling the sweating from your underarms. There are now offered stronger antiperspirants on the market too that can help out a lot too.

There are natural treatments available for your sweaty hands too if you do not like medical options. These do not have the side effects that the above treatments could have. The treatments usually involve knowing which foods can trigger sweating too among other things.

Surgery – I won’t go into this area as it is not that common these days. It is possible to surgically remove sweat ducts to cure excessive sweating, but it should be a last resort.

There is what we call an armpit shield. It is normally used to prevent your armpit from excessive armpit sweating. What it does is to keep sweat dirt from getting to your clothes, together with blocking too much sweat from leaking through. It is usually fixed to the armpit region of your clothes and can easily be disposed or washed again to be used based on the type of brand you make use of.

For me my sweating was very bad and treatments for moderate sweating (AICI 20%) didn’t help. I’ve even tried alcohol based ones but they also didn’t work. This is why I started researching more and more about ETS surgery but the more I read about it the less I wanted to do it.

You can simply try a technique called Iontophoresis for this. The effects of this therapy are really good. In this process, electricity is passed in the solution in which your hands are placed. This technique has been truly practiced by many physicians in USA and has really proven to be effective.