7 Unique Ways To Recycle Plastic Milk Jugs

Some parents may be nervous about signing their kids up for an organized sport because they think their toddler may be too young to play contact sports with other kids. Other parents may be concerned about what their kids will really get out of playing a sport so young. Sports are not always about winning though, with toddlers they can be about learning. Sports can help develop motor skills, coordination, confidence and good sportsmanship. So give some of these sports a try and get your child out of the house to learn a few new things, because even toddlers need to be active.

Paper – We’re already discussed the usefulness of buying bulk toilet paper and paper towels. Now let’s consider office paper. Many offices are trying to become paperless. Turns out that’s not as easy as once thought. Home offices will likely always need a certain amount of paper for their printers and fax machines, but that doesn’t mean the offices can’t try and be environmentally friendly. Try buying recycled paper in bulk.

umweltschutz outdoor furniture is light and therefore is easy to rearrange and store. Often, plastic chairs can be stacked. Along with plastic folding tables, they take up little space when you need to put them away.

Chinese food is a wonderful treat that I find myself indulging in at least once a month. Every time I order take out we are left with tons of chopsticks cluttering the drawers. These chopsticks are the perfect support for small houseplants and container gardens. Simply stick the chopstick into the soil next to the plant and use bread ties to stake the plant. If you have old knitting needles these will work fantastically as well.

Count on Vinegar – Did I throw you on this one? Reduce the amount of chemical cleaning supplies you have in your house by using this simple non-toxic cleaner. Just use equal parts vinegar and water and tada a floor, counter, bath, and tub cleaner. You can even add a dash of lemon juice for a fresh citrus smell. And we either buy the industrial bottle or the glass one, so we plastic-free as well.

BPA and phthalate are the worst of the plastics — well, probably not the worst, but awfully darned bad — to have in contact with your food. If you were eating fresh, whole foods this wouldn’t be of the least concern to you. But some of the foods we cherish are canned. And, if you are stocking food in your larder for emergency situations, you will rely on canned foods too, unless you are more dedicated than even I am and make all of your own preserved food items, thus controlling what they are stored in.

Pet steps for dogs are usually constructed of plastic or wood. Wood steps are sturdier and typically a little more expensive. Some steps are carpeted while others have non-skid surfaces. They are also available in different heights so you should have no problem finding a set to meet your needs.

For much of the country, water conservation is an after thought. But talk to anyone in California or Florida, and they’ll tell you a much different story. Despite wetter summers, they still struggle with water conservation. Very little makes it through the concrete to refill their supplies. So water is definitely at a premium. Many describe water in California as the next “gold rush”. They say, whoever controls the water, controls the money. How funny that water has now become so esteemed.