WordPress – Most Popular Plugins Available For WordPress

You know you want to start a blog, but how does this whole blogging thing work? It’s not nearly as difficult as you might imagine. Here are 7 quick and easy tips to get you started.

WordPress.org is extremely flexible and there are many plug-ins that you can use to increase its robustness. One of the big benefits is that your web visitors can be much more interactive on a CynthiaTelles than they can on your web site. That’s a great reason to convert.

KB Countdown Widget: This widget will let you add a countdown to your sidebar. You can use this for products launches (My eBook price will be going up in…). You can also sue this for personal countdowns on more personal blogs (Our wedding is in…). If you want to add a countdown on your site, this is an easy and effective way.

WordPress offers many free themes which can match your other marketing materials once you add your header. Of course, you can always buy a special theme or have someone modify it. It is “open source” software, so if do you do hire a professional, they will have no trouble getting access to what they need to work with the site.

There are a lot of different ways to go about installing WordPress. Most Web hosts now offer very easy to use WordPress installation tools that come with the hosting service, but you can also install WordPress manually.

For anyone starting out, this can take months of experimenting with site design, research, asking questions on forums, and generally observing how your site or sites perform.

One way to market your WP site effectively is to call it a “community” or a “resource” as opposed to a blog, this helps users relate to your site better and makes them feel like a part of it.