Tattoos – Are You Brave Enough?

With a REALLY NICE weather forecast this weekend, I hope many of you have a chance to get out and ride, or at least attend one of these events. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the sound of motorcycles roaring by my house the past few days – New York bikers are on the road and back in the wind !

Although certainly a favourite among tourists, locals will find it hard to argue with suggesting the London Eye as a must-see sight. Quite simply, the views you’ll see from atop the ferris wheel are the best you’ll get. It’s a fun ride, and booked in advance, won’t break the bank.

It is the same with flower tattoos. Different flower thigh tattoos for females would evoke a different emotion and therefore a different meaning to the beholder. Not only the women are getting flower tattoos, some men like to ink them too. Most flowers have acquired a consistent meaning over time, but when you combine it with a different object in a tattoo, the meanings get altered altogether. Have you seen a black rose with a chain around it as a tattoo on a man’s chest? Do you think the flower tattoo would mean love or perhaps hatred?

A notable aspect of the cross symbol is that it is closely associated with triumph. This also implies that cross tattoos also take on this idea. People who get them believe in triumph. The many versions of the cross and not just the Christian ones have this concept. In Christianity the cross symbol represents triumph of the faith and the divine plan. In other cultures it represents triumph over death as in the case of the “ankh” in Egypt which is also a cross.

This is probably tattoos for females the hardest one to do so let’s get it over with first. When you pick your design, and choose where to get it placed, try to look into the future, several years ahead and honestly ask yourself if you think you will be happy with this tattoo then.

Irezumi is best done by an experienced Japanese tattoo artist or by someone like the owner of Miami Ink who has studied and practiced well enough to hold his own in the studio and against other artists.

Even better, it’s all nicely tucked away in the archives. Using their handy search function, you can quickly yank up tons of topics on tattoos. Hundreds of them. If you have only a few spare moments, that’s all you need. You just jump into some of the topics and look around. You’ll run into a bunch of valuable posts, where females talk about their recent findings of great artwork galleries. This info is laced all throughout those topics, making it easy to find a crisp, high quality tattoo for a woman. It beats the heck out of staring at generic stuff every day.