Storing Your Scrapbook Paper

Grocery shopping is one of those facts of life we all must do periodically. We all hate it but we all still need to do it. Who wants to deal with the crowds and the lines when we can be doing something much more enjoyable instead? Half the time we end up spending more money than we want to only to purchase foods which we not only don’t need but shouldn’t eat.

In the other one, I toss and organic matter from the garden: gunk from the garage gutters, trimmings from plants or deadheaded blossoms, sticks-anything that can later be added to one of my the compost bins.

As you browse around the Internet for creative do-it-yourself projects, it is always good to organize all your shopping bags first. A plastic bag, for example, is obviously different from your typical Victoria’s Secret pink paper bag. Clear anti static plastic bags may also be very bland and tasteless while paper shopping bags have the company’s logo and design. Depending on which type of bags you have and what you plan to do with them, it may be necessary to separate the unusable bags from the reusable ones.

Use an insulated container like a thermos for hot foods like chili, soup and stew. Before using the container, fill it with boiling water, let it stand for a few minutes, empty it and then pour in the piping hot food. Keep the container closed until lunchtime, which will help minimize bacterial contamination and growth. Harmful bacteria multiply rapidly in the “danger zone” of temperatures between 40 and 140 degrees. Transport cold food with an ice source and refrigerate it immediately once you reach your destination.

To start with I would suggest buying something in between these, something that would be fine for a days hiking, (remember a pack that is slightly too big can still be used without being full. Where as a pack that is too small will not hold all the things you may need for a longer trip.) Again talk to the shop staff, and explain what type of backpacking you intend to use it for.

11. Set up your displays. If you live in a really, really safe neighborhood you can start putting out stuff the night before. Otherwise, get up early on the day of to prepare. (Note: there will always be people who want to look through your goods first thing. They are often collectors and can be extremely persistent. You can allow them to browse or turn them away with a polite but firm “Please come back later.”) Folding tables are great for displays but blankets on the ground can be used in a pinch. A rolling rack comes in handy for clothing. In general you want things grouped logically and looking as clean and tidy as possible to make them more appealing. If you’re selling anything electronic, be sure to have a working extension cord so people can try before they buy.

Buy the best backpack that you can afford, and try to buy it from a store that specialises in outdoor activities. Ask the advice of the shop staff, especially if they are hikers or backpackers themselves. Some stores will actually pack a backpack for you, so you can get a feel for it and see how comfortable (or not) it is.

I rate Coco Key indoor water park a 5 out of 5. The experience was reasonably priced for the entire family. Everyone had a terrific time. The establishment has something for everyone to enjoy. The staff is courteous and helpful. Best of all, it is like a trip to Florida in the middle of winter at an affordable price.