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  • October 20, 2020
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The Indian nation which exists on the sub continent is a conglomeration of many races and castes. The majority of course professes the Hindu faith but their attire is diverse and Hindus from one part of India differ in dress from another part. In addition we have significant minorities including Moslem and Sikh with a sprinkling of Christians and Janis. India is thus home to a varied population.

Dressing in layers of clothing does several things for you: Layers fill up the space between you and your winter coat with hijabs in dubai. Wear a t-shirt, sweater, leg-warmers etc under your abaya.

If you prefer to wear traditional muslim clothing then you can chose to wear long abayas (long kaftan like dresses), which originate from the arab countries. There are so many designs to choose from. From the classic black and trendy urban styles to more western styles. You can even get designer ones; or you might like to wear the traditional shalwar kameez (loose tunic and trouser), which originates from India/Pakistan. You are spoilt for choice. So much to choose from!

There is an argument that says that for generations in England, women have fought for full equality. The veil is an outward and visible sign of the subservience of women in the more conservative male dominated Muslim sects.

In Islam it is necessary for the Muslim women to wear a dubai hijab whenever they are outside of their home or in the presence of other men. By wearing the hijab Muslim women get various benefits for herself as well as to the society as a whole. It is a modest dress for Muslim women. The misconception about the Muslim women that they are forced to wear hijab is absolutely wrong. It is simply worn because they belief in God and think that they are following the principle of clothing given by God.

We practice that choice every day. No one in society will punish us if we choose to eat non-halal meat, no one is forcing us to wear certain types of clothes, no one is forcing us to abstain from alcohol or illicit relationships. No one in society is there to punish us if we miss salat or Ramadhan fasts. No one will penalize us if we don’t pay zakat. In fact, it is actually very easy to cheat on these things and no one will know. In a Western society, it is even easier to get away with not observing Islamic principles.

Women also started wearing blouses that uncovered their arms and one was witness to incandescent flesh of a woman after almost a century of restrictions. This was the period when a boyish look was ‘in vogue’ and busty women bandaged their breasts to appear slim and boyish. The covered body and arms was replaced with bare legs and arms. More important the fashion spread to the masses and was no longer an elite preserve.

You can buy your Islamic clothing from a variety of retailers-and you can even make your own if you are particularly talented in sewing, but one of the easiest ways in order for you to get your own Islam clothing is to order online. Ordering your clothing online is ten times easier than making it yourself. Not to mention that in most cases it doesn’t cost all that much, making it way cheaper than what you would find if you went to a store or something of that nature. These are just a few facts about Islam clothing.

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