President ‘Palin’: A Chill Wind Blows Through Chappaqua

Chicago is a city that has a tough time with the English language. How can it not when the city itself is legendary for having mayors who can only just barely speak the language. The first Mayor Daley was one of the most powerful men in the country in his day. There was a time when many considered Mayor Daley the second-most powerful man in the country lining up just behind the President. Despite his power he was a man who could mangle a phrase or word easier than anyone else.

By 9:00pm Rob Simmons conceded, realizing the numbers were just not there for him. He is now going to gear up to help Linda McMahon in the November elections. Linda “feared that the American dream was going to be lost. She believes smaller government is the answer not bigger government. The answer is less spending, not bail outs. Its lower taxes, not higher. She gets it and she’s lived it. Small businesses are negatively impacted”. “For the first time in decades there will be a republican candidate in Washington from CT. “David Cappiello is running her campaign. This is the first behavioural influence office she’s ever run for. Her victory speech in Cromwell was strong and positive and showing full steam ahead towards November elections against Blumenthal.

What it is, happens to be a growing trend spreading across America; the banishment of the holiday season from our public schools. Christmas, Hannukah and even Kwanzaa are not even mentioned in some schools, and if this were to become the norm, it would be a catastrophic loss we as a nation might not ever recover from. On that note… there are communities that are now asking, what Scrooge did away with the spirit of the holiday season?

Surfing/Social networking without a purpose. The internet is a great power for good, but it can also be a distraction. Use it wisely, but switch off if you are being distracted from your purpose. The internet again is great for keeping in touch with friends and loved one, but can it become a master rather than a servant.

Easterners don’t seem to care a whole lot about the people of the West anyway. They will have their places to live in the East and they can come to the West to vacation. In the West they will get a taste of the different and uniquely beautiful. Of those who do decide to stay in the West, many have government jobs. Or hold jobs that do things that don’t exactly have them living in parts political communications company of the state where the way of life is by the use of natural resources. Quite a few of the activists are even supported by PACs and donations. That way they can carry on with their cause without getting another job. These perceptions of those who oversee the management of lands and those who are campaigning for more wilderness to be set aside breed distrust in those who have roots on the land going back over 100 years.

Things unfolded, as many found themselves dead if they had anything to do with David Ferry and Guy Banister. After David Ferry and Guy Banister realized the trouble they had stirred, they began covering their backs by hiring a private detective. Hugh Ward’s plane crashed killing all on board in Mexico during May of 1964, including that of Morrison DeLessep (Mayor of New Orleans). Even Banister’s other pilot (Maurice Gatlin) in May of 1965.

You can use the internet to find material or courses that are inspiring and edifying. If you do find yourself in conversation about someone then find their good points to focus on – however hard that may be!! Of course you need to balance your life, which means having enough relaxation time to keep you fresh. You need social interaction – some people need more than others, but spend a week noting how you spend your time. See what you have to give up to do your home-based work. You may be surprised at what keeps you “busy” and what you can change.