Part Ii – Getting Your Site Indexed In Google

You can tell people about your new site through online press releases. There are multiple places you can go to submit a press release. Just Google them and then submit a free press release to various sites. It can even be the same one. But, don’t forget to add the URL going back to your site so that you get that boost in traffic too. And, if you are using this strategy to get you indexed better in search engines, you might also want to tell your potential buyers how many press releases are out there and the efforts you put into marketing the site and increasing exposure. They will really appreciate that.

With Adsense, the page was not giving any information on shape of glasses, the page dealt in generalities. When you are searching for information and you have time constraints, you do not want to be clicking AdSense pages. It was for this reason that latent semantic Google Indexing service began to be used in the mega search engines.

Knowing what this means for your business, won’t you rather go for it? Of course, you will and this article shows you exactly how to do it. Submit your site to different directories: For example on Google type in “free url submission” and submit your site to the first 3 – 5 sites that shows up on page one.

If you search online, there are a vast number of services available to aid with submitting your website. There are some that offers submission to hundreds of search engines for a fee. However, these are scams as there is no such amount of search engines exists. You will only need to submit your website to major search engines particularly the Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Teoma. You can also submit your website to directories as search engines will pick up URLs from directories. Another way is to get links from quality websites with high rank in search engines.

Build a Great Website – This step is really one of if not the most important steps in SEO. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your SEO campaign if your web conversion sucks. All that money will be spent for nothing. Having a great web site not only increases your chances of success once the user is on your page. But it also is likely AddNewURL increase your ranking in the SEO. Google, Bing and Yahoo love the smell of fresh content and tantalizing designs!

Write press releases and submit them to the press release companies online. Writing a press release is not a difficult task as it may sound. If you have never created a press release, you may be daunted by the process, but for me, writing a press release is similar to writing articles. Once you have created a press release, submit it online to the press release companies. Some of them will ask for payment, and some of them will submit your press release free of charge.

Press releases are great for getting a buttload of backlinks in a short amount of time. This is very beneficial when a site first gets published. These backlinks will help bring future traffic and it makes sure those bots are coming. With a well written press release and a quality starter site, you could instantly see traffic rolling in. That is an unlikely scenario because it highly depends on the topic you are covering, but I’ve seen it happen. Buzz worthy content makes great press releases…