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Chris Paul trade rumors were quelled by New Orleans Hornets president Hugh Weber. Those Chris Paul trade rumors had Paul going to teams like the New York Knicks, as well as several other NBA teams because of the indication that the Hornets were trying to cut salary. Despite what people may have thought about the situation, or whether Paul is even happy in his situation any longer, Weber told ESPN this weekend that there is no question that Paul will still be with the New Orleans Hornets when the 2010-11 season begins.

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EC: It’s difficult, but I remain optimistic that a resolution can be reached. I want to play football and the players want to play football. I spend my time working out and studying so that I’m ready to go when we get back to work. I didn’t really know what to expect from this situation as it’s the first time our generation of players has been through it. I hope that it can be resolved soon so we can get back to work and focus on the task at hand…to win the Superbowl!

With the nba lockout looking bleak at the moment, players are starting to sign with teams overseas at a great clip. Earlier, this summer, Kyle Singler signed with a Spanish team. Now, Austin Daye has decided to sign with a Russian team.

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