Freelance Jobs – Tips For Searching For Work Online

Due to economical hardships all over the world for many people, there is a mass job search going on right now. There is a lot of tough competition right now for jobs. Former CEO’s are now becoming sales associates due to the drastic decline in jobs.

For many job seekers, it is easier to find companies hiring now because we often carry our phones with us at all times. Let’s say that you job search online once a day via your home computer. Great! But, this leaves the potential of a few jobs falling through the cracks. Job seekers are more likely to search more often via a device that is with them 24/7.

Being able to search multiple job sites at once is advised because it will give you the upper-hand, but a good application will have additional features for you to take advantage of. For example, you should have options when it comes to searching for jobs. You should be able to key in your zip code or city and state. It is best to choose a search radius, as this enables you to determine how far you want to drive to work each day. If a search radius is not offered, you should at least be able to arrange jobs in order of distance from your zip code.

Perhaps you feel like no matter how hard you try, you’re lost in the great sea of job -seekers. These days, obtaining an interview, even just getting your resume read, is a daunting challenge. We may feel there is no way to stand out above the others. And only one will win the job (or eat the bread). Who will it be? The answer – the one who puts forth the effort to plant, harvest, grind and bake the bread – oops, I mean, to get noticed.

Most importantly, at the end of an informational interview, send a handwritten thank you card and, if you really want to make an impression, include a $5 Starbucks card to thank them for their time.

There are many sites on the internet that list job vacancies. Many of these are now listing home based opportunities, there are even sites that specialise in listing only home based jobs. Try search the ScanGator sites and using phrases such as home working and home based.

Many of the largest papers now have a Jobs or Career section that’s not unlike an online job board. The really nice thing is that newspapers are generally local. As such, they will often have additional regional information that not available on the big national job boards, such as job fairs, local employment data, and current business news. Again, you’ll probably already be aware of the few in your area. Set a bookmark (or head to the library) and check them frequently for new jobs and up-to-date employment news for your area.

So you didn’t kill during the job interview and you didn’t get the job. As they say in the dating world, there are plenty of fish in the sea. However during a recession it’s more like sardines in a wading pool, so you need the right bait. Plain Jane equals unemployment check. Knowing what to wear during a job interview… priceless.