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We hope you’ve heard about “Paid Search” or PPC (pay per click) if your business relies on Web traffic. It’s one of the key ways to draw traffic to your site, and it works wonders when applied with SEO (search engine optimization). In other words, if you’re still using SEO as your only marketing avenue, you need to balance your marketing approach because your competitors may already have.

A balance doesn’t mean flat, by the way. You can have a balance in your marketing campaign, while having your profits shoot straight up. One way to make sure that steady growth in your business is one of the newest kinds of Internet marketing, online PR. This can involve press releases, keyword-optimized character and how-to articles, branded blogs, and reputazione aziendale.

As appropriate, thank writers for saying nice things about your company, either on a website or directly or privately to the writer. Tell nay-sayers that you hope that you can eventually convince them of how solid your company is (create some boilerplate text with your legal team that you can quickly post and forget).

These days many companies make promises to consumers. “Money back guaranteed!” “You won’t believe the results!” Branding is how your company strategizes making its promise to the customer. Companies have to stand out from other brands, which is challenging when we as consumers have so many options at our fingertips. Ultimately, the goal is for people to put your brand at the very top of whatever category your product or service fits.

The shorts are going to use these kinds of words: scum, fraud, jerk, liar, psychopath, inept, stupid, incompetent, sleaze… you get the idea. A well-done off-brand or third-party blog can utilize these words so the search engines direct people to a positive blog rather than a negative one.

5- Do limit the number of forums, board, groups and other social media groups you get involved in. It makes no sense getting involved in too many groups if you can’t actively participate and have your presence felt. Perhaps it may make sense to just start with groups that are specific to your niche or where you target audience may be found.

A lot of people have been using Google Plus for quite some time now. It is a social networking and identity service offered by Google, Inc. It is one of those websites where some of this nasty information might be lurking. That being the case, it is one likely target for Online Reputation Management. One step to help your name sound better is to filter the content, have your best foot forward, and try to hide unnecessary clutter. And make it more appealing. In addition to increasing your search engine rank, profiles in websites like Google Plus helps you to make a wider presence and be more involved in the online social sphere.