Firm Sagging Skin And Look Younger And Fabulous In No Time

  • Howdy C
  • May 2, 2020
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As some of you know, I live in Mexico; central Mexico to be precise. I’m 2 hours north of Mexico City where the swine flu epidemic apparently began – influenza – as it is being called here.

Keep in mind that there is no 100% guarantee that you won’t get sick; protection from the swine flu is all dependent on the amount of contact that you make with someone who is infected. It is best to stay away from the type of people who are infected. When you have the symptoms, you need to get to the doctors strait away. With the many people afraid and donning masks, you can be among the others and help prevent you from getting infected with the Swine Flu. By protecting yourself, you won’t have to worry about getting sick and you can help many others.

Wearing a mask will lessen our chances of being contaminated by a flu virus. The mask’s effectiveness varies with few factors including how we actually wear it, or what type of mask do we choose, and by using disposal techniques.

Now I’m not saying something like that is going to happen, and I mean no offense to Mexican pig farmers in any way. My point is that you can catch swine flu just like you can catch human flu. Your best bet is swine flu prevention.

1) Basic hygiene: the virus can survive for 24 hours on any surface, so it is important not only to wash your hands regularly but also keep surfaces such as door handles, shared telephones and desktops disinfected. If you do touch shared surfaces make sure to wash your hands medical with alcoholic hand gel afterwards.

Collagen will then grow in the wrinkled areas so as to tighten skin. It is a 1-hour treatment that is quite costly with a price range of $1000 to $5000 for every treatment. Once one undergoes Thermage, the skin swells and becomes reddish with blisters. These go away after a few days.

Natural skin cleansers can be made from fruits such as pineapples, papaya, apples, oranges, grapes or any kind of berry. Just make a paste from a combination of these fruits and add milk and honey.

The skin around your lips also needs to be tightened as they also tend to sag. For this you will need to use your index finger. Suck hardly at your finger and then release. To tighten your chin and neck, sit comfortably and look forward. Put your index finger and thumb on your neck.