Design Your Own Christmas Cards Using These Tips

It is estimated that changes have been made on 35% of all business cards presented on any day. These seemingly innocent changes are made with pen, marker or, gasp, a stick- on label. Get out that stack of cards in your drawer with the rubber band. At least one will have a change, penciled it. Not too impressive, huh?

Present gifts with both hands, no matter how small the package. Even if you are giving an extravagant gift it’s good manners to pretend it’s really not much. If the person has become a friend it’s customary to say “tsumaranai mon” which means “our friendship is much more valuable than this gift”.

Laughter is a fantastic present. I sang goofy songs and recorded the tunes onto CD’s, then enclosed the CD inside buy legal cards and sent them to friends. I gave the gift of laughter and received a lot of joy in the process. I don’t know who laughed more … the people I gave the cards to, or me while I was recording them.

One forgotten expense of Christmas is the utility bill that hits home once the holidays are over. Maybe it is time to leave those large light displays for the front yard in storage. Stringing the lights and setting everything up takes a lot of work. The time and effort could be spent on doing something else. Be sure to leave the interior Christmas Tree and lights on display. No one wants to be a Scrooge. Maybe even just cut back on those light displays instead of going cold turkey. The point is simple there is money to be saved by cutting down on those holiday lights.

Colors – this is the most valued factor to every legal cards. This is because it adds brilliance and makes your material look more attractive and lively.

If your children are old enough to know about the “existence” of you know who, then let them know in very general terms what you plan to spend. Tell your children that they can pick out 2 big gifts and 1 little one, or you can spend enough for this toy and that, etc. Once the children know your parameters, they have no choice but to honor them.

You can find Christmas greeting cards at low prices by visiting your favorite stores after Christmas is over. Even the most expensive greeting cards can be purchased for as much as 75% off (or more). You can shop for your Christmas greeting cards for the next year at the after Christmas sales at your favorite department and super center stores. I often find many great deals on Christmas cards at Target and Walmart at the end of the holiday season each year.