Coping With A Funeral

Nobody likes to think about having a loved one pass away. But when it does happen, and the family has not planned for it, the poor family can have a lot of stress to deal with. In the US, funerals can average $8,000 – $10,000 or more. In addition, their may be other costs, called final expenses, like travel, transportation of the body, and even settling debts like medical bills. Most families would have a hard time writing a check for this amount of money.

After I finished telling Jim this story, I commented that his former staff’s family wouldn’t see him at the grave site. They wouldn’t hear, see or feel his support and comfort. I encouraged him to go ahead with his personal visit at the grave site, but to also find a way to reach out to this man’s family.

If you find that you are not able to read the condolence cards right away, you can place them in a basket or box until you are feeling up to it. Some survivors even place the cards they receive inside scrapbooks. To respond to the condolence cards you receive you may want to send thank you cards to anyone who sent donations funeral home service flowers food or other gifts of kindness.

There needs to be a lot of focus given to the insides of the home to ensure that it is as tasteful as it can get. The hearses should be waxed and sparkling and the lawn well groomed and green.

During our on-air chat, he asked listeners to call in with reasons NOT to pre-plan. No one could. It just made too much sense. Benjamin Franklin, it is said, used to make a list on paper when he was faced with a tough decision. He’d list the pros and cons of each option, and compare them. On the trusted funeral home service Fort Worth /cemetery pre-need question, one caller did say “Well, I have your reason not to pre-plan! I don’t have the money for the monthly payments!”. The funeral guy was ready: “Then, what will you do if something happens tomorrow and you have to come up with $5,000, instead of just a couple hundred a month?”.

Like most exceptional children, Braylie is a painfully shy girl who hides behind Momma and won’t even look you in the eye. Now, understand, that all goes right out the window once she gets to know you better. That’s when she becomes the ten-foot-tall diva, unafraid to speak her mind. A little wonder who is always “in the moment”, dying to share her thoughts with her closest allies. Yes, folks, Braylie blesses everyone she talks to with her innocent observations, tempered with quite a startlingly precocious, lightning-quick wit.

Whatever method you use, if you focus more on the joy of the child’s existence then you will better over come the pain of loss. Simple things like a poem can be framed, a candle lit, and a tree planted in the yard to help you hold on while you let go. Know yourself to know how best to treasure the life cut too short.