Choosing A Great Real Estate Agent

Home inspectors look at many different areas of a house or condo. During the inspections home inspectors come across a variety of issues. Some of the issues found are fire hazards.

Does the candidate do Dunkle Home Inspections as a full time career and does he or she have any certifications for inspecting hazardous materials? If they are not full time. Move on.

How do you choose a home inspector? Choosing a home inspector can be tedious but you want the best possible home inspector you can find. You want the assurance that your home purchase is going to be all you expect it to be.

Importantly, the home inspection need not be a cause for concern. You can take a definitive step to remove all of the stress. Yes, you can get a pre-inspection.

A listing agent may have you look at the house during the most sedate and peaceful time of day. You may see a quaint house in a quiet neighborhood mid-day but if you check early in the morning or later in the evening, you may find that it is a thoroughfare for rush hour commuters.

They are very difficult to eliminate. It can be done, but it usually takes more than one application of a pest control product as well as proactive steps taken by the person who has the infestation. One of the most extreme methods of eliminating an infestation is structural fumigation. This is different from fogging products, or what is know as “bombing.” Fumigation requires tarping off the area and vacating the building for several days. Other, less extreme methods include applying several different types of product with at least one offering residual effects that include sterilization of the offspring.

Ideally, the slope of the house should be away from the house. If you are considering the purchase of a townhouse or condo, find out if the building(s) have been rain screened and when this took place. A properly rain screened building can save you money down the road.

Don’t allow yourself you become duped into working for someone who is just out to make a quick buck. Look for someone who does have your best interests at heart. This makes the second time I have worked with this particular agent, and I will look him up again when the time comes back around to sell and move.