Buying A Fsbo (For Sale By Owner) Home: Protect Yourself

One of the first things I worried about when I filed for divorce was how I was going to keep my kids out of public school. I also have to admit here fantasizing how relaxing it would be to drop them off at the front door of the local elementary school and have the whole day to wallow in my mid-divorce misery. Happily, that remained a fantasy, and my kids continue to learn at home. How do I do it?

Healthy Food and Drink: You hear it just about every day; most of us need to eat and drink healthier. You don’t need to go overboard but adding more greens to your meal plans will help your family (I know, you can hear the grumblings). Go easy on the fast food.

Does the candidate do home inspector Palm Springs CA as a full time career and does he or she have any certifications for inspecting hazardous materials? If they are not full time. Move on.

You will have the capability to sort home into favorites and possibilities. You can also make notes directly on the listings, email them to your agent for further questions and map them if you would like to drive by them yourself. Agents like to use this tool to develop a working list of homes you might like to see in person. It allows your agent to know in advance what interests you, they can offer suggestions and do back ground research prior to meeting with you. This system allows you to go at your own pace, with no pressure, often we will work with clients for over a year while they watch the market. Especially in this market, the ability to keep an eye on prices and inventory will lead to an educated purchase.

Your home inspector may also use a non-contact voltage tester. If so he may detect voltage from 25 to 122,000 AC volts without any physical connections. This tester might give him audible and visual signals.

Do a little investigative work of your own by measuring the home before you purchase. Make sure your home’s square feet is listed correctly on the public record. Both numbers should be close to each other, if not, you should reconsider buying this property or determine why the discrepancy exists.

Problems with plumbing are easily caught by the inspection process. Another thing to watch for is the development of a sink hole in the grass. If there seems to a wet spot in the yard it is a good indicator that a more serious problem lies under the ground. Call a licensed plumber right away to discuss options and ways to fix the issue.