Business Building Steps – 5 Principle Steps To Build Any Business

Have you ever noticed billionaires like John Paulson, who reportedly made $7 billion from shorting the subprime mortgage market (betting it would go down), George Soros, or his former hedge fund partner Jim Rogers, are investing? Have you noticed they seem to have a knack for finding the fastest growth or most profitable areas to invest in?

But the thing is, there are many Hummer lookalikes out there and these pretenders to the throne are coming out of the woodwork. From Chinese made replicas to Spanish, French made military vehicles we would not really see an end to the Hummer form of design as it still is being adopted everywhere in the world. Maybe that’s why Hummer isn’t selling strongly as we have cheaper versions coming from all the countries mentioned above. And now from Russia, I bring you the Dartz Prombron.

Admittedly, all that heady billionaire success has been ingrained into my psyche from very early on in my business career many years ago. Is it achievable? I have already affirmed it. But is it really typically possible for anyone to achieve? Well, since there are currently about 6.8 billion people on the planet with just over a thousand 10 Youngest Billionaires In The World, I would surmise the ratio would be highly against that happening.

Do you even have a goal which I like to refer too as a promise because one does not want to break a promise even if it is a promise that you have made to your self.

We read success stories and are amazed. We read about these guys who dropped off College to go tinkering on computers and soon became billionaires. What those stories fail to mention is the dedication and passion that fueled those now successful Youngest Billionaires.

You also know that if they won a million dollars in cash, they would continue doing what they are doing, only they would do more of it, do it better, differently or somewhere else. However, they love and enjoy their work so much you know they wouldn’t even think of leaving it or retiring.

Of course, once you’ve had your fill of loose women, your third wife has left you, and your yacht is safely moored, you can relieve some stress by going to the casino where chips apparently come in denominations of 250,000 euros. And all this is going on while a third of the world is on or below the poverty line, and the other two thirds are struggling with a global recession started by many of these people who are now sunning themselves on luxury yachts. Does anyone know who devised this system? I’d like to shake his hand. Now I know why we never have alien visitations. They must die laughing at us long before they get here!