Back To School Clothing Money Saving Shopping Guide

Years ago it would have been quite strange to see dogs strutting around town with tee shirts, jackets, jerseys, and even blue jeans. To some this may still seem strange. However, many people who share their lives with a canine companion know that this is normal. Pets have become like children to many pet owners. It has become quite normal to see a dog dressed better than a person. Dog owners can even buy diamonds for their furry friends.

Shop at end of the season sales, overstocks, samples sales and resale shops to get the best deals on high quality/designer clothing (going for 50 – 80% off retail value). Many of us are enticed by the billions of dollars advertisers spend on marketing into buying clothing for our kids weeks or months in advance of when they really need it. A little patience can be worth a lot of money to you here, and the wait isn’t very long. Within 2 – 3 months of new lines coming out from the retailers, you can find them at 50% off or more. And, the more patient you can be, the bigger the your eventual return on your investment will be.

Organize a clothing swap specifically for elegant/formal dresses. Post a flyer everywhere and invite your family, friends, and neighbors. You can help yourself and many others find their prom dresses.

So I began to pray, Lord if this is from You, then send me a sign. First sign I prayed for was a bassinet. Thanksgiving of that year, our thrift store Dallas TX put one in it’s window. They hadn’t done that before. Ever. In fact I had even been in there asking if they ever got them. No not to often came the reply, but if I get one I will call you. Not content I prayed, Lord send Susie a strong desire to have one. December, she got a strong desire. Still not wanting to make a mistake I asked well how about showing Susie a sign.

Ms. Stanley gets right to the point in telling us not to “buy outdated toys that will make kids remember you in a bad way.” However, she suggests six of the most popular Christmas gifts for a variety of ages suitable for boys and girls. The Hannah Montana backpacks, games, videos, jewelry, etc. and the Wii System and games are extremely popular this year. A great list of the most trendiest Christmas gifts.

Give those small two-handled sippy cups a second life by taking off the lids and turning them into portable snack cups. They’re the perfect size for a handful of cereal, crackers, or diced fruit and the wide mouth is big enough for small hands to reach through.

Pull out the photos and set up a card table in the family/living room. Include a box of photos (one season at a time), scissors, old greeting cards, stickers, markers, and an album. Cut out shapes or words from the old cards and include these on the album’s pages for cheap scrapbooking fun. With a marker, add comments to coincide with the pictures. This is a great way to spend a rainy or snowy evening with the family, yet accomplish a task that can be easily overlooked.