A Brief Tour Of The Diamond Gemstone

This Mother’s Day diamond stud earring will be a popular gift item. Always in style, always elegant; ladies always love their diamond studs. Even if she already has pair, a new larger pair or new shape will be greeted with even more excitement than when you gave her the first pair. So if you have decided this is the year to give her diamond studs, read on and learn what to look for when shopping online to ensure the diamond studs you get will be the quality and value you pay for.

The 4 C’s are clarity, cut, color, and carat weight. 1 carat and under can be found for a reasonable price, but the other 3 C’s are important in determining that price. It’s not just about the weight of the diamond. If you aren’t familiar with the 4 C’s you should become knowledgeable before you delve into the actual purchase of a 對戒 ring.

Another thing which you must consider is the 4C’S of diamond which stands for carat, cut, colour and clarity. All these four factors determine the value of diamond. Hence it is very essential to have the knowledge of all these four factors.

For this, simply consider the 4 Cs of a diamond. The characteristics of carat, color, clarity and cut are the main factors that influence the price and the looks of any diamond that you come across. The carat is related directly to the size and weight of the diamond. The higher the carat value, the more expensive is the diamond going to be.

Next is the clarity. The most valuable diamond is a ‘flawless’ diamond. Next is the ‘internally flawless’, then comes ‘very very small inclusions’, ‘very small inclusions’ and ‘inclusions.’ ‘Inclusions’ being the least valuable online diamond, with noticeable blemishes.

For serious diamond sellers, this is an immortal sin. A pawn shop will most likely offer you 10% of what the diamond is appraised. You will surely regret this. The next time you visit the pawn shop you will see your diamonds in a display rack with a price 100% more than what you are paid for.

Hence whenever you go for shopping for your diamond earring you must keep in mind that for whom you are purchasing your earring and you must open the door to allow the diamond say what your heart feels for her.